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Networking solutions that work for you.

Madison Computer Works supports business networks throughout south-central Wisconsin. We are well-known for our affordable, professional, and responsive network service. We started installing and servicing Novell networks in 1985. When Microsoft began offering networking in the late 1980's, we began supporting their networks as well. Our many years of experience enable us to isolate and fix your problems quickly, so you can get back in business fast and with minimal disruption.

Home Networks:


At Madison Computer Works, we offer quick, inexpensive, and professional computer repair in a friendly, helpful environment.Our years of experience enable us to repair your computer problems, quickly and for less money then most other computer repair shops.

Having difficulty configuring your wireless router to properly access your DSL or cable modem? Does setting up encryption like WPA to prevent unauthorized leeching of your Internet connection on your router and workstation drive you crazy? Having a qualified MCW technician come out for a quick setup of your Internet can save you hours of time and ensures that your computers are setup correctly and securely, the first time. Contact us and one of our specialists will contact you to arrange an on-site appointment to setup your Internet hardware and software properly.

Business Servers:

Computer Servers

We install server operating systems on many different brands of server hardware from manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Frontier, and more. Unlike many other networking companies, Madison Computer Works does not charge a fee to come to your location, do a needs assessment, and prepare a quote for the networking system that best meets your needs now and into the future. Whether you need one server or several, managed or unmanaged switches, routers supporting VPN and port forwarding or just a basic wireless router, we will help you choose and implement the hardware and software solution that best meets your needs.

If you need a server or networking solution, MCW will provide the technology that works for you. When designing or augmenting your network, make Madison Computer Works your first choice. With 14 employees specializing in all major areas of computer and networking technologies, we can help you to set your network up properly the first time. Just call or fill out our request form to have a Madison Computer Works representative assist you. A reliable, affordable, and properly designed network is just a click away.

Microsoft® Networks:

Microsoft Networks

Madison Computer Works has been designing, installing and supporting Microsoft networks of all sizes since Microsoft entered the networking arena back in the late 1980's. Starting with their peer-to-peer networks, MCWs networking product line evolved as Microsoft made new networking products available.

We design, install, troubleshoot, and maintain Microsoft networks throughout south-central Wisconsin. Regardless of how many servers and workstations you have on your network, if you need a Microsoft networking specialist, then Madison Computer Works is the right computer company for you. Contact us and one of our Microsoft professionals will be happy to arrange a meeting. At Madison Computer Works, we'll make your Microsoft network work for you.

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