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We are Madison's computer repair specialists.

Madison Computer Works, a full-service computer store headquartered in Madison Wisconsin, provides computer and network solutions to thousands of business, academic, government, and residential customers throughout Wisconsin.

Since 1982, two generations of the Lisse family have been helping Wisconsin with their technology needs. From its modest beginnings in the family basement in 1982, Madison Computer Works has grown to be one of Madison's largest and most successful computer stores. We have earned a reputation for excellent support both before and after the sale, whether a customer purchases a single system or hundreds of computers for a large network.

Madison Computer Works is proud to be a locally owned, independent computer store offering quality products and support in a friendly, professional environment. See for yourself why Madison Computer Works continues to be Madison's favorite computer store. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by our 8000 square foot sales, service, and training facility.

IT's Easy Being Green

IT's a dirty business, but at Madison Computer Works, we find IT easy to be green!

We recycle nearly all post-consumer computer parts and have been doing that for over a decade...long before it was "fashionable" or mandated by state law.
We will continue to reduce/reuse/recycle whenever possible and do our part to improve our air quality, fight global warming, and tread as lightly as possible upon this planet.

Our industry consumes a great deal of energy and natural resources, both in the creation and use of computing devices. We feel a very strong obligation to mitigate consumption and waste wherever possible. Here our some of our conservation efforts:

  • 2022 - Added a third EV, another Nissan Leaf

    Currently 75% of our service fleet is EV and 25% hybrid.
  • 2020 - Added a second EV, another Nissan Leaf

    Currently 50% of our service fleet is EV and 50% hybrid.
  • 2019 - Added our first EV, a Nissan Leaf

  • 2017 - Added a third Toyota Prius c to our service fleet.

  • 2015 - More than doubled our solar PV, with an additional 10kW above our service center.

    We now have nearly 20kW of solar PV installed. What our panels don't generate for our use, we purchase 100% solar/wind power.
  • 2014 - Added a second Toyota Prius c to our service fleet.

  • 2013 - Purchased a Toyota Prius c.

    Currently 80% of our service fleet are hybrid or high-MPG vehicles.
  • 2012 - Accepted as a Focus on Energy Trade Ally.

    We continue to be a proud EPA Green Power Partner, MG&E Clean Power Partner, and a Green Masters Program Green Professional.
  • 2011 - Selected as an EPA Green Power Partner

    - An MG&E Clean Power Partner, a Sustainable Times Green Business, and a Green Professional under the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council Green Masters Program
  • 2011 - Addition of a 9.87kW solar PV system.

    Take a look at the roof over our sales building and you will see three rows of solar panels generating lots of power from the sun. Currently we purchase 100% of our electricity from solar/wind power and generate additional energy from our solar PV system!
  • 2011 - Installation of motion/photo sensors and energy-efficient lighting throughout our 8000 square foot facility.

    This has lowered our electrical consumption by more than 13%.
  • 2008 - Joined MG&E's Green Power Tomorrow program.

    Since early 2008, 100% of our electrical consumption has been powered by wind or solar generation.
  • 2003 - Purchased our first hybrid fleet vehicle, a Toyota Prius.

  • 2001 - Replaced our CRT displays with LCDs

    Years before it was common practice.
2021 Climate Champion


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December 25, 2016 - John Hart

When a customer walks through the door at Madison Computer Works, there is a chance they will be greeted by Tanner, the friendly canine of business owner Brian Lisse.

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