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We sell several brands of Microsoft Windows-based desktop PCs, notebooks, and tablets. At Madison Computer Works, we offer desktop computers from Acer, Frontier, and HP and a wide variety of notebook, tablet and convertible computers from Acer, Lenovo, HP and Fujitsu.

Our Frontier desktop PCs feature fully open-architecture computers that utilize industry-standard parts from the case to the motherboard, and everything in between. This enables you to use standard "off-the-shelf" parts, making upgrades and service a snap. Compare that with proprietary systems, often purchased through mail-order and big box stores which require proprietary parts made specifically for that machine. Standard "off-the shelf" parts typically won't fit into a proprietary computer, limiting your ability to upgrade or repair your system in the future, making it a much costlier machine to own long-term.

Frontier computers can be custom-configured to meet your individual needs. Choose the processor speed, hard drive capacity, memory, video, sound, and other peripherals you require. Each system includes a 3 year parts/1 year labor warranty. These systems are affordable, reliable, easily upgraded, and designed to meet your specific needs. When you couple this with our renowned local service and friendly support staff, you truly have the best computer deal in Madison! Our sales representatives will be happy to quote on the custom-configured system of your choice.

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